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bunnies4you's Journal

Plot Bunnies available for all Fandoms alike!
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Plot bunnies

This is an open community for fangirls and fanboys alike, to post the numerous (and possibly multiplying) plot bunnies for others to adopt and make their own. The fandom can be from various media, anywhere from TV to Books, Movies or Comics. Any pairing is welcome, as are RPF bunnies!

When you're placing bunnies (posting), please remember to fill out the appropriate format:


We ask that you keep any sort of spoilery under a cut, with warning. If your bunny is specifically NC-17 and above, then please indicate so, and place it under the proper cut.
Remember to tag your bunnies with the Fandom name, and characters.

And most important, of course, is to comment if you are adopting a bunny, to let those who placed the bunnies (posted them) know that they are being taken care of! :D

Once the bunny is adopted the entries should be edited, stating the proper adoption information.

Adoptive Bunny Parents: Mr lJ User smith
Home Link: If and when available

Remember have fun!

Profile and awesome layout by winchesterjo ::hugs::