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14 September 2008 @ 08:43 pm
QAF... AU  
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Ship: Brian/Justin
Rating: R

Huge ass AU:

S1: Brian and Mathew meet, they have their night together. Everything goes just as it did in cannon with one twist. Brian is a vampire and his kind aren't suppose to be with human's other than use them for their own needs and toss them away. After sometime Brian's little 'family' start's intervening, a few placed words here and there, about how he isn't supposed to be with Matt how its againts the rules how its gonna be nothing but trouble once other's of there kind find out. Even his close friend's Ben and Emmett are worried for Matt's safety. They are the only two who are truly kind and taken with Matt, enough to be his friend too.

So its with a heavy heart that Brian turns Matt away. As hard as it is to do he manages it. Matt is heartbroken when Brian turns him away, no amount of talking, arguing, pleading or crying will change his mind. Brian spends the next few nights fallowing Matt with out the younger man knowing, Matt falls into a depression with out Brian his life means nothing. Ben and Emmett sense a change in there long time friend and despite what other's may think, they know that Matt and Brian need one another.

A long talk with Brian results in him contemplating whether or not he should make Matt like himself. It would solve everything, maybe even the ache he feels deep down inside. He comes to the decision that if Matt says yes that he will make Matt into a vampire. Brian goes to talk to his lover only to find a devastated Matt sitting in the middle of his hall way.

"You're a vampire."

Someone had already gotten to him and told him that Brian was a monster who took lives at will. Matt wanted to hear it from Brian himself. Brian feels anger at whomever had talked to Matt because his lover seemed almost frightned of him. he admits that he is one and needs to talk to Matt about their situation.

The writter can comeup with whatever they need but the deiscion is ultimately to give Matt a few days to think things over. A few nerve wracking days later Matt calls up Brian and tell's him that he care's about him deeply and wants to be with him. Meaning that he wants to be turned.

Ben and Emmett are excited they support Brian 100% in whatever his decision is. So they accompany him to Matt's apartment... only to find a murdered Matt. Rage does not even begin to explain Brian's feelings, all over liberty avenue every vampire can feel Brian's anger.

Almost to two year's to the day Matt was murdered there is a buzz on liberty avenue of a new blond. At first these rumors are low, until they hit babylon full force.. Mathew James was walking amongst the dancers. Brian can't believe that his dead lover is alive, going down to confirm it he automatically notcies its not Matt. For one thing this look alike has a strong heart beat, his scent his completely different from his lover. Angered that this imposter dares to enter his place Brian swoops down to the dance floor. Only to be entranced by this look-alike.

Justin Samuel Taylor was a man on a mission. From the day his father had told him of his twin brother's murder he was determined to find out what had happened. Againts his parent's wishes he flew down to PItt'sburgh and begain his quest, only to find that most people wouldn't talk. It takes him awhile before he even get's a name and a place. His brother had been seen with this Brian Kinney, there was even talks that Kinney had been involved in his brother's murder.

That is how far I got with this one. IF anyone is interested in adopting this bunny, comment and fill out the apropriate adoption form. hehehe.

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